What is Bali Coast 2 Coast all about?

Bali Coast 2 Coast is a unique once in a lifetime adventure unlike anything else offered in Bali.  Really.

You will experience Bali as very few tourists do.  You will hike door to door from our nightly accommodation; tramping through rice fields, scrambling up hillsides, traversing black sand beaches and following ancient pilgrimage paths.   You will never need to enter a vehicle the entire hike.

Much like the world famous hut to hut hikes in the Swiss Alps and Tea House Treks in Nepal, Bali Coast 2 Coast offers world class scenery, authentic interactions with locals in their daily life and cultural experiences that few visitors will ever encounter.

Along the way you’ll visit sacred temples, historic palaces, black and white sand beaches, artists villages, tiny towns, terraced rice paddies, volcanoes and seaside scrub forests. Except in the vicinity of our nightly accommodation you will likely never see another tourist or hiking group.  In fact, we often hike hours at a time without seeing or hearing a motorized vehicle!

If you’re intrepid, reasonably fit, determined to create lifetime memories and want to get away from it all and see a more pristine Bali then Bali Coast 2 Coast is for you!

For more information contact us at:  balicoast2coast@gmail.com

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