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What to Bring

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What to Bring

Of course you need to bring the essentials that you need to bring on every trip; passport, cash and credit cards, etc.  But hey, we know that this isn’t your first time on a plane so we won’t bore you with a long list of everyday stuff that you know you have to bring.

However, we do have some advice that you may want to consider:

A sun hat is essential. We both wear broad brimmed Tilleys.

Bring already broken in lightweight hiking footwear. Sneakers/Tevas whatever you are comfortable with…the locals do just fine in flip flops!

We both use hiking sticks and find them to be life savers (sometimes maybe literally) on some of our steep or slippery downhill sections. Collapsible is great. Remember, we are usually off road and often off path. Your footwear will get muddy and wet and dirty so plan accordingly.

A comfortable daypack (or lumbar pack) for your daily essentials. Lightweight! It’s the tropics and food and water is often available along the way, you don’t need to carry much.

Sunglasses (preferably polarized) protect your eyes, cut glare, and make the colors along the way look better. Neither of us wear them.

Consider sunscreen, particularly if you’re not used to the tropics or being outdoors. Lots of folks find it makes them excessively sweaty and hot, but it does work. Consider longer clothing.

Enough quick dry, lightweight hiking clothes for the week. At a minimum two shirts and two pairs of shorts (one to wear and one to wash).

Earplugs and eye masks for light sleepers. Bali has LOTS of noisy festivals.

A snorkel masks/fins if you are particular about brand, fit or hygiene.

A small flashlight can be handy for when the power fails or we get lost and hike until dark. Just kidding!

A water bottle is a must. We provide purified water for free and clean drinking water is often available from springs and temples so it’s an easy way to cut down on plastic use.

Camera and accessories. We want to use your photos on our website. Not kidding!

Personal toiletries are widely available along the route, but maybe not in your brand. Basic prescription medicine is also often available (usually without a prescription) but be safe and bring extras of what you need.

A sarong has multiple uses and may be required for some temples. Bring one or buy one here as a souvenir.

Duty free gifts for your new best friends in Bali! (Hint:  J… and K….- can you guess who this is?)


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